Development and implementation of resource guides and manuals for key populations programmes

  • In collaboration with NASCOP and NACC, the KP TSU produced and released a human rights training manual for law enforcers. The KP TSU trained 55 police officers in violence prevention and response and sensitized 269 police officers on violence prevention and response.
  • The KP TSU developed three types of simple, interactive, interpersonal communication materials to enable KPs to discuss violence identification, reporting, and response mechanisms at hotspot and implementer
  • The KP TSU developed national training curricula for MSM and FSW peer educators and a clinician manual, and trained clinicians on sexual and gender-based violence.
  • The KP TSU held three training subcommittee meetings to review training curricula and standard operating procedures and to adapt various manuals and tools.
  • Four KP newsletters (editions 8–11) were published in 2016/17 to update all implementing partners on progress made and best programming practices.

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