Laboratory Infrastructure and Support

In 2011, University of Manitoba through funding by Canadian Foundation for Innovation invested $3.8Miilion to improve the Research infrastructure within the University of Nairobi Collaboration.  This funding was used to build, furnish and equip a  level 3 biosafety viral hemorrhagic fever laboratory within the University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences Campus in Kenya. The project would expand the existing Manitoba sponsored infrastructure through the Canadian Funding by another 250%


Level 3 Laboratory building sponsored by University of Manitoba

The laboratories also enhanced and provided housing for the University of Nairobi Institute for Tropical and Infectious Diseases ( University of Manitoba  through its PHDA staff in Nairobi continues to support and maintain the facility though it recently handed over the property to University of Nairobi. Services offered by the facility include;

  • The Retro-Virology Bio-containment BSL-3 laboratory,
  • Enhanced Bio-containment BSL-3 laboratory
  • Biorepository facility,
  • Molecular biology/
  • PCR laboratory,
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Genomics, TB laboratory
  • Microbiology and Serology laboratory:
  • Clinical chemistry laboratory:

QUALITY MANAGEMENT (QM): Through support from UOM, technologists conform to strict internal quality control and system maintenance for equipment, calibration and validation. Constant internal and external quality checks programs are factored in the system Documentation and SOPs

QUALITY ASSURANCE: The lab is enrolled in a number of quality assurance programs both locally and abroad for a number of laboratory tests. All our equipment are calibrated and are on service contract. All our staff have relevant qualifications as per the area of responsibility and are registered by their respective regulatory bodies i.e KMPDB and KMTTLB.

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