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Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Healthy Communities in Africa. 

We envision a healthy community in Africa. “Healthy community” means a community enjoying a life of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The focus on health is in line with the expertise, competencies and recognition that the team has.

Our Mission Statement

Increasing access to health for disadvantaged communities in Africa through systems strengthening, research, program development and partnerships.

  • Disadvantaged communities: The focus of PHDA will be to work with marginalized communities that have been variously labeled as “disadvantaged”, “poor”, “stigmatized”, etc. These communities may include key populations like sex workers, men who have sex with men and people who inject drugs, people who live in economically deprived conditions, women and children and so on. We believe that these populations experience inequity and lack of opportunities, especially in access and receipt of health care services, among other things, and need to be prioritized in a development agenda. Our team’s successful experience of working with these populations gives us the confidence that focusing on these communities will have a significant impact.

  • Systems Strengthening: Through our work we have come to realize that for any change to be sustained at scale, it is important to work with the government systems. This includes strengthening the systems and structures within government through capacity building, technical support, mentoring and support. This process should ensure that there is ownership from the government and that the partnership with PHDA is both accepted and valued. While not guaranteed, this should increase the probability that the changes that we aspire towards are sustained and scaled up to reach a large population.

  • Research:- PHDA’s primary associations are with various academic institutions like University of Manitoba and University of Nairobi which prioritize research as one of their basic purposes. PHDA wants to be a learning organization and conduct research in basic and social sciences, ensuring that programmes designed for the marginalized population are based on evidence and new knowledge. Our programs on the ground will also guide the research agenda of the organization aiming to help the disadvantaged communities, system strengthening and program development.

  • Program Development: PHDA will focus on designing, implementing and evaluating programs and interventions to improve the health of disadvantaged communities in Africa. This would include directly implementing interventions with disadvantaged communities to improve their health.

  • Partnership: PHDA believes that the above mentioned purposes will be met through strong partnership with various stakeholders including disadvantaged communities, government, civil society, donors, academic institutions etc. These partnerships will be based on equity, transparency and accountability.

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Mission & Vision

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