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HIV Treatment & Care

Comprehensive Care Centers


The Comprehensive Care Center seeks to provide comprehensive and coordinated HIV primary care services to HIV-positive adults, adolescents and children. All services are provided regardless of ability to pay.
We offer these services at our Baba Dogo and Pumwani Centers.
The Services include:
  • HIV health care for children and adults
  • free HIV counseling and testing nutrition services,
  • patient education
  • medical case management,
  • facilitated referrals for substance abuse treatment and specialty medical care 

Our Core Values

We are honest and transparent in our actions and in what we say. We are trustworthy in our work, in the way we relate with our clients, partners and with one another. We safeguard client information and ensure we are ethical in handling the information entrusted to us.

Team Work

We work together to achieve a common goal. We team up to develop synergy amongst ourselves and promote teamwork in our work with clients and partners. 


We hold high ethical standards in our work. We hold ourselves, our clients and partners with respect. In all that we do we employ professionalism in the pursuit of achieving excellent results.


We are accountable for our own work with clients and partners. We are accountable to our funders and key stakeholders. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions even if the results are not positive or favourable to us.


We ensure that our staff are treated fairly. We ensure fair treatment of other people with whom we relate and we have policies that advocate affirmative action. We work with disadvantaged groups that require fair treatment.