PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) refers to medication that is given to individuals at high risk of getting HIV Infections. This medicine is exclusively given to HIV negative individuals as it stops HIV from taking hold and spreading throughout the body. PrEP should be offered as an additional preventive measure/choice for HIV infection in addition to other prevention measures e.g condoms.
PHDA has been at the fore front of HIV prevention Research and Implementation. In 2014 WHO recommended the implementation of PrEP demonstration projects to provide key information to countries and organizations about PrEP in the context of combination HIV prevention programmes. During a feasibility study SWOP’s Kenya’s data showed ab 88% willingness of FSW’s tking Prep
in 2015 facilitated by funding from Bill and Melinda Gate foundation with support from LVCT, PHDA through its SWOP project joined others global demonstration studies aimed at “Demonstrating Effective Delivery of Daily Oral HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis as Part of HIV Combination Prevention Intervention Among Female Sex Workers” . The specific objectives of the demonstration project were

To validate tools for risk identification and indications for PrEP initiation among YW at high HIV risk
To document PrEP side effects and adverse events among FSW
To determine

of HIV re-testing among FSW
Develop tools, strategies and messaging to promote uptake and sustained adherence to PrEP as part of a combination prevention package.
To demonstrate effective delivery of oral HIV PrEP as part of a combined prevention package among FSWs

Outcomes or is it still ongoing??
PreP Scale-up
After the successful completion of the demonstration study in July 2016, the Ministry of Health in Kenya released HIV treatment and prevention guidelines recommending provision of immediate initiation of ART and PrEP use among the uninfected partners at high risk of HIV acquisition. These interventions will contribute to achievement of the objectives laid out in the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework and the HIV Prevention Revolution Road Map to reduce new HIV infections.
PHDA through SWOP in partnership with JPIEGO is implementing Prep scaleup among FSW’s in Nairobi County. PHDA targets to reach over 30000 FSW’s and 3000 MSM’s with Prep over the next……. year
Kenya Launches Self-test kits and PrEP