Key population size estimates in Kenya

Mapping and size estimation exercises are important for scaling up key populations programmes. While population size estimates provide a denominator to programme for, mapping provides information on where key populations are and can be reached. These two pieces of information (where key populations are and how many are there) are important to plan and monitor the scale of key population programmes.

Kenya did its first key population mapping and estimation in 2012 and repeated the exercise in 2018-2020 to update the information. Kenya used various methods to map and estimate its key populations.

With this background, NASCOP partnered with IAVI to develop a film to document the key population size estimation process in Kenya and share this best practice with other African countries.

The target audience for this film is National Governments of other African countries who lead these processes in the countries, donors who fund these exercises and implementers and key populations groups who participate and guide these exercises.