An international randomised controlled clinical trial was designed to enable an expeditious, agile and concurrent evaluation of the benefits and risks of multiple candidate preventive vaccines against COVID-19 at international sites with sufficient COVID-19 attack rates. The trial is designed to provide sufficient evidence of safety and vaccine efficacy against COVID-19 to support decision-making about global vaccine deployment, which may include licensure and/or WHO pre-qualification. Final decisions about COVID-19 deployment will be made in each jurisdiction. PHDA transform clinic is among the 5 sites in Kenya participating in recruiting study participantsThe trial will enrol adults (age ≥ 16 years), capable of giving personal signed informed consent and determined by the clinical judgment of the investigators to be eligible for inclusion in the study. After enrolment and randomization to the available investigational products (IP), each participant will be contacted weekly on phone for 52 weeks to confirm their well being. Collected information will assist in determining whether any potentially relevant symptoms have arisen and /or laboratory testing has been triggered if the reported signs and symptoms from any participant suggests infection with COVID-19.

The objectives of this trial are:-

  1. To assess the candidate vaccine safety and efficacy
  2. To identify those that are likely to be appropriate for deployment to influence the course of the pandemic

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