In line with its commitment to safeguarding the fundamental right to privacy, PHDA continues to strive in implementing measures meant to uphold and protect the confidentiality and privacy of program and organizational data. Adhering to the stipulations of The Data Protection Act 2019, PHDA has developed its comprehensive Data Protection Policy (DPP) to ensure the appropriate safeguards are in place in handling of all client information.

As part of its compliance efforts, PHDA was finally granted registration as a Data Controller by the Data Commissioners Office as required by the Data protection Act.

To effectively integrate the DPP into everyday practices across all branches and departments, PHDA conducts regular Data Protection Impact Assessments. These assessments, overseen by the acting  Data Protection Officer, Tony Kariri, process designed to identify risks arising out of the processing of personal data and to minimize these by putting in the necessary safe guards to address the vulnerabilities indefied … serve to evaluate the and assess data processing  impact of data processing activities on client  privacy and ensure alignment with legal requirements.

Moreover, PHDA places significant emphasis on continuous community sensitization efforts led by Tony Kariri. These initiatives aim to raise awareness among all staff members regarding the provisions outlined in the Data Protection Act and the consequences of non-compliance with the DPP.

Through these proactive measures and ongoing educational initiatives, PHDA remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding patient privacy rights and maintaining the highest standards of data protection across its operations.