Partners for Health and Development in Africa (PHDA) is a non-profit organization registered in Kenya, working in the health and development fields in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa.


Our Vision

Healthy Communities in Africa


Our Mission

Increasing access to disadvantaged communities in Africa through research, programme development and delivery,
systems strengthening and partnerships


Our Core Values

Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism,
Equity, and Accountability

Our Areas of Focus

PHDA focuses on Global Health with specific
interest areas of:

PHDA is affiliated with the University of Manitoba, building on its 35-year legacy of successful STI and HIV research, prevention, care, and treatment programs in Kenya and Africa.



Maternal and child health

Mental health

Adolescent health

Our Approach

Our programmes are rooted in the programme science approach, which is defined as the systematic application of theoretical and empirical knowledge to optimise public health programmes’ scale, quality, and impact. It is an iterative, multi-phase research and program framework which drives scientific inquiry, and maximizes the population-level impact by optimizing the right strategies for the right population at the appropriate time. This approach also brings together program implementers, academicians, researchers, policymakers, government departments, communities, and community-based organizations into building strong and sustained partnerships.

Where do we work

Most of our research and programme delivery work is in Kenya. Through technical support and partnerships, we also work in 12 other African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Malawi, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Reach Us

+254 20 265 4719 or
+254 20 210 1155

P.O Box 3737-00506, Nairobi, Kenya