This is a project supported by the Jilinde project and aims to reduce HIV risk and vulnerability among Young women who sell sex (YWSS) and Young men who have sex with men (YMSM) in Kenya. The project is being implemented in partnership with ICRH, Kenya for YWSS, and MPEG in Kiambu for YMSM. PHDA is a Co-Principal investigator on this project and provides support to implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the project

For this project, a baseline Polling Booth Survey was carried out for MSM in Kiambu County and FSW in Mombasa county. 9 sessions were carried out for the YFSWs and 8 sessions for the YMSM.  Key findings from the PBS are shared below:

A major outcome was noted that YKP not registered in the program had poorer outcomes compared to those registered in the program. PHDA is providing technical support to these organizations to scale up the interventions and improve the quality of care.