Following Government Covid Prevention Directives – Sanitizing a Sex workers Clinic after serving FSW’s

The COVID-19 pandemic, and its attendant responses, has led to massive health, social, and economic
challenges on a global scale. While, so far, having a relatively low burden of COVID-19 infection, it is the
response in lower- and middle- income countries that has had particularly dire consequences for
impoverished populations such as sex workers, many of whom rely on regular income in the informal
economic sector to survive. This commentary captures the challenges in Kenya posed by daily curfews
and lost economic income, coupled with further changes to sex work that increase potential exposure to
infection, stigmatisation, violence, and various health concerns. It also highlights the ways in which
communities and programmes have demonstrated resourcefulness in responding to this unprecedented
disruption in order to emerge healthy when COVID-19, and the measures to contain it, subside.

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