What we do

1.      HIV /Aids, prevention, treatment and Care

We target the disadvantaged communities living in Nairobi. These are communities without a voice and whose way of life is criminalized. The HIV prevalence for this group is 33% creating the need for targeted intervention. We support the sex workers, Intravenous Drugs users, men with sex with men. We provide prevention, treatment and care services at our 7 clinics in Nairobi

2Research, Learning and Development

Our focus has been on HIV virology studies through a collaboration between our sponsor -University of Manitoba and University of Nairobi. This collaboration was key in the generation of much of what we now know about the HIV epidemic in Africa, and has had enormous impact on global STI/HIV/AIDS-related health policy. Our focus on learning and development has driven our research agenda and implementation through the program science model where we implement research findings and programs through an evidence based model that interact with policy makers and communities/clients. Our focus on this area has expanded to studies on how climate change & environmental degradation affects reproductive health and rights, studies on ethical research and HIV evidenced based intervention studies for Key population implementation science and targeted research advancing sexual health for men who have sex with men. These research studies inform our learning and development in all our focus areas.

About PHDA

Partners for Health and Development in Africa (PHDA) is an international non-profit organization registered in Kenya, working in the health and development fields in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa.

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